Apple picking

We went to an apple orchard with some friends!

Every autumn, we try to go apple picking. We love apples, with and without caramel, by themselves or in pies. And to pick our own? It’s a great experience, and we recommend that everyone try it at least once. Spoiler: it’s even better with friends.

Namine’s virtual co-op teacher and her family are probably just as enthusiastic about going apple picking as we are, so it makes sense that we do it together when we can. We had actually intended to do so a while ago, but the weather intervened in a bad way, and then Namine fell and spent nearly a week in the hospital. Now that she’s recovered (mostly), we were able to get together.

Navigating gravel and grass in a wheelchair is tricky business. It’s tiring for Namine, and it’s tiring for the person helping to push her. That’s another great reason for going with friends: we can take turns helping her. And we found plenty of wonderful, delicious-looking apples — many of which were easily reachable for Namine.

While it’s on my mind, dear reader: I’m curious, how do you pronounce the word “caramel”? I pronounce it as CARE-uh-MEL. Jessica and Namine pronounce it as CAR-mull.

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