Night baseball

It was a clear evening, perfect for baseball but for the cold.

The Miracle League to which Namine belongs has had a series of pickup games for its players for the past few weeks, although this week’s game was the first Namine could attend. She couldn’t make it because of her fall in her wheelchair, but now we’re back and she couldn’t wait to play!

It seems that autumn has arrived and it’s not being shy about making its presence known. That, dear reader, means cold. I mean, we expected it to be cold, but not this cold. We brought a sweatshirt for Namine, but it was only by a stroke of luck that we also had gloves — which definitely came in handy (haha).

Namine’s team started the game in the outfield. She usually chats up her buddy, since it’s not common that she sees any balls hit to her. That wasn’t the case tonight, though. The batter hit a pop fly straight to her — and she caught it!

Namine’s Buddy at this game was an older gentleman with his heart in the right place. When Namine was up to bat and hit the ball, he tried to help her by pushing her down the line to first base. She didn’t know that, so she sped off leaving him trying to catch up.

After Namine’s team finished the inning, she told me that she was quite cold. We headed back to the car, eager to warm up after the shorter (but much colder than anticipated) evening. We’ll be more prepared with thicker coats next week!

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