Foot laceration stitches out

Namine got the stitches in her foot taken out.

It’s been over a week since Namine fell and lacerated her foot. (The word “cut” doesn’t quite do it justice.) She had five stitches, and now the time has come to have those removed. We had the option of using dissolvable stitches, which would not have to be removed — in an ideal world — but our decision against that was twofold. First, the non-dissolvable kind are stronger. Choosing the ones with the least likelihood of them coming out on their own seemed wiser. And second, I have had dissolvable stitches. They did not dissolve and I had to have them removed anyway. If there still remained the possibility of Namine needing them removed regardless, we would choose (again) the sturdier option.

Namine’s foot has been in fairly constant pain since the stitches were put in, although thankfully it was more manageable since coming off the IV medication before she was released from the hospital. Namine maintained that without pain medication, it stayed pretty consistently at a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. That’s pretty significant.

The removal of the stitches increased that pain to an 8. She cried, and she needed the doctor to stop after the first two and wait for her to get the pain under control before continuing. Once the stitches were out, however, the pain dropped to near zero. The cut on her foot — now that it really does look like a mere cut — bothers her very little and rarely now. She is also happy to be able to soak her foot in a warm bath again.

On our way home, I had planned on stopping at an ice cream shop that we frequent. They were, unfortunately, not open. In their defense, it was early. On the other hand, it’s never too early for ice cream.

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