Pain managed, time to break free!

Namine was given the all-clear to go home! We just had to wait for our discharge papers.

Over the course of Namine’s stay at the hospital, the pain in her foot has decreased a little bit each day. Even with the IV medication, it never lessened to the amount that she would call comfortable, but it was finally low enough for her to consider it tolerable.

Namine’s medication overnight was still through the IV, but this morning the doctors suggested taking everything by mouth. If her pain remained tolerable, then she would be able to go home. This morning and afternoon, Namine attended her online classes and did her homework.

Into the afternoon, Namine continued feeling well enough to get out of bed. Her nurse capped off her IV and we went to the children’s play room on this wing of the hospital. There we found a Calico Critters playhouse, a giant Mr. Potato Head (with smaller Potato Heads inside), and board games galore. Namine opted to play Operation. (To my mind, this hit a little too close to home, given recent events. It didn’t seem to bother her.)

After Namine had had her fill of games and toys, we headed back to the room. Soon after, one of the doctors stopped by and asked Namine how she felt about going home. After some discussion between the three of us, Namine decided that yes, despite the pain she’s still feeling, she was ready to go home.

Of course, the hospital operates on its own time. Between the time when we started the discharge process and when we received the actual paperwork to complete it, over two hours passed. We half-jokingly said to each other that we should have just stayed one more night! But no — we’re happy to have left. The waiting is sometimes hard, but worth it.

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