Flower girl redux

Namine was the flower girl for my sister’s second wedding.

The wedding

Back in April, Namine was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding. In an opportunity not normally afforded, she reprised that role as my sister and her husband repeated the ceremony. Six months ago, they had kept the initial wedding pretty small; only close friends and family were invited, due to Covid restrictions and risks. Now, they were able to invite more people and host a reception as well.

Spreading petals before the bride’s entrance

The reception

While my sister and her husband were at least able to have a wedding service six months ago — albeit a smaller one — they were really not able to have the reception they’d envisioned. They did have a small one in the church, but this time around, they hosted it at the Milwaukee Zoo.

The walk from the car into the area where the reception was held passed the penguins and crossed a long boardwalk. We stopped to see the birds — some of which were sleeping, but some were awake — and read some of the informational placards before moving on. We settled in and sat down at our table, Namine and her cousin entertaining each other until the wedding party entered and dinner was served.

After dinner, the DJ opened up the dance floor. Namine, ever our social butterfly, showed no hesitation. Every couple of songs or so, she would go back to our table to catch her breath. (Dancing energetically while breathing through a mask is no joke!) But even before the next song ended, she’d be back out on the dance floor.

Jessica and I don’t typically get to watch her at dance class. There’s usually a recital at the end of each session, which we get to see, but not the weekly sessions. It was pretty evident to me at the reception that Namine has been working on her spins! She very obviously had a wonderful time. (It’s not often that we get the chance to dance like this together, but doing so reminded me of our daddy-daughter dance.)

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