Flower girl

Namine was a flower girl in my sister’s wedding.

Wedding rehearsal

Nearly a year ago, Namine was fitted for a bridesmaid dress so she could be in my sister’s wedding. We knew that it would need adjustment once it arrived, but we didn’t know at the time just how much. A few months ago, its adjustments were completed, and just in time for the wedding.

Prior to the rehearsal, my sister brought Namine to the salon for a manicure and pedicure. Namine is not so much of a tomboy that she doesn’t love a good pampering!

Namine’s role in the wedding changed from bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring bearer to solely the flower girl. My sister’s wedding plans were in flux — and had a good deal of uncertainty — due to COVID and necessary quarantine measures.

Namine would be walked down the aisle, pushed by the Best Woman, holding a basket of petals and spreading them as they approached the front of the church. She would also hold the bouquet during the service, handing them back to her aunt after the pronouncement.

After the rehearsal, we had sandwiches: a late lunch/early supper amalgam. The church has a bulletin board where people can post local announcements, retreats, that sort of thing. They also have a diagram explaining how to sign the Lord’s Prayer in ASL, which caught Namine’s eye.

You might recall that Namine took an ASL class when she was still attending Bright Rising Arts & Academy; she even performed a song in ASL at one of their recitals. Since then, she has also participated in another ASL theater class. Her interest has obviously not waned.

Wedding day

My mom’s house on the day of the wedding was a beehive of activity. Between everybody getting dressed, getting their hair done, and the photographer taking pre-wedding pictures, it was a crazy morning. It also seemed to go by way too quickly! Before we knew it, it was time to head to the church.

Namine fulfilled her role exceedingly well. She was gorgeous coming down the aisle, gracefully spreading the flower petals before her aunt. She held the bouquet and handed to her newly married aunt as the newly married couple headed out of the church.

Holding the bouquet

At the reception, Namine gave a toast. There are two videos, because I didn’t realize she wasn’t done talking. I think it’s worth including both here.

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