ASL Theater

Namine has concluded seven weeks of theater and music camp!

When Namine was enrolled in Bright Rising last year, she elected to take a class on ASL — American Sign Language. She absolutely fell in love with it, taking to it right away. She couldn’t learn new words fast enough, and she inspired us to learn it along with her. (In the winter recital, her class sang and signed as well!)

Because of COVID-19, Namine wasn’t able to attend Bright Rising again, and the RVA doesn’t offer classes on sign language. But when the opportunity arose for Namine to take an ASL theater class, she couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Sunset Playhouse is a local theater whose shows we’ve attended several times over the years. My sister has been in many of their performances, and they always do a fantastic job. In addition to plays and musicals, they also frequently hold classes for people of all ages.

The theater class in question involved learning to sing Broadway songs. After learning the songs, the class learned choreography and to sign the lyrics of the songs in American Sign Language. The class was seven sessions long, once a week, culminating in a final session where the class performed the songs together.

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