Wheelchair cushion decision

Namine has reached a decision about her wheelchair cushions, but it wasn’t an easy one.

You might recall that a couple weeks ago, we received several replacement wheelchair cushions. Now that Namine has had the time to try out each cushion for an extended period, she’s come to a conclusion.

Of the seven cushions — six that were delivered new and the one which was delivered with her new wheelchair — the most comfortable is also the one that makes it most difficult to climb into. Namine describes it as “sitting in a very squishy pillow that hugs your butt.” More importantly, it’s the one cushion that doesn’t make her hips or legs hurt.

The other cushions are firmer, making it easier to climb into the wheelchair. Unfortunately, that firmness also makes sitting in it for long periods of time — like all day in school — uncomfortable, even painful.

So our solution, if we can get away with it, is to keep two cushions. We’ve been told that we can only pick one of the new cushions, but as far as we know, we’re not required to return the cushion that originally came with the wheelchair.

When we’re out and about, or Namine has a lot of transferring to do, she can use the original cushion. It’s not ideal, but at least she can transfer by herself. When she’s at home all day, she has little (or no) need to climb down onto the floor. In that case, she can use the more comfortable cushion for school days.

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