Wheelchair cushion delivery

We had a delivery of several new wheelchair cushions.

It’s not an April Fool’s joke: six new wheelchair cushions were delivered for Namine to try out. In the time since she’s had her new wheelchair, she’s complained of increased pain in her legs and hips. Nothing is broken — thankfully — but the change from her older (and plenty broken-in) cushion to the new (and stiffer) one is enough to cause her discomfort.

The cushions all vary widely, ranging from very firm to having a lot of give to them. One is like a cooling pillow, which would be nicer in the summer. One cushion is very much like the one on her old wheelchair, except it’s molded to be contoured for a butt and legs. While this might normally be a positive, for Namine it is a negative since her legs are shaped and positioned differently.

The cushion on which Namine is most comfortable (so far) is very loud; it’s filled with smaller cushions, which rustle as they shift against each other inside the cushion cover. This is still better than her current cushion, which has given her hip pain since she got it.

We’re by no means done comparing cushions. There are six in total for Namine to try, so her current favorite may not even remain so. Equipment use and comparison — especially when it’s used everyday — is a delicate process. Namine is excited to try her new cushions over the coming weeks.

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