Final flower girl dress fitting

Namine’s dress for my sister’s wedding is finally complete.

Nearly a year ago, Namine was fitted for a dress. I say “fitted” loosely, because the dress didn’t, in all honesty, fit well. We knew at the time that the dress would need work after it was made. We did not know yet just how much it would change.

The original dress was meant for a physio-typical adult, of which Namine is neither. The “new” dress is new in a “ship of Theseus” sense. The dress has been remade by the tailor. Its boning — rigid wiring to define its structure — and much of the material itself have been removed. What appears to have not been removed was still removed, to allow the tailor to remake the dress so it would fit Namine.

The remade dress.

With so much material removed, what to do with it? We took it home — it was ours, after all, we paid for it — and Namine made a dress out of it for her American Girl dolls.

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