Flower girl dress fitting

We took Namine to get her fitted for her flower girl dress!

When my sister announced that she and her boyfriend were getting married, she asked Namine if she would like to be her flower girl. She said she’d be delighted, of course. We knew from past experience that in addition to a dress fitting, Namine would need custom modifications to her dress. That meant we needed to get started now, because these things take time.

We went to the same David’s Bridal that my sister went to, to ensure that we would be able to pick the exact color dress. As we expected, they did not carry the size Namine needs in the correct color for the wedding. We had to order the dress, which won’t arrive for another five months. After that, we will need it to be modified — even the short dresses are too long for Namine’s legs — which will take another two months. It’s as I said: best to get started now.

Precautions due to COVID-19 are still in full effect, which for dress fitting means limiting the number of people allowed in a single party. (Jessica and Namine were originally going to join my sister when she went, but they’re limiting to groups of only three or less.) Trying on dresses while wearing a face mask is… strange. But this is the world we live in now, and safety is more important than anything.

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