Fourth of July with family

We couldn’t attend fireworks, so we made our own at my parents’ house.

My mom had planned on grilling burgers and chicken, so we picked up some fruit and headed over to her house. When we got there, there was a surprise waiting for us: red, white, and blue Silly String. We had fun spraying them out into the yard.

While my mom grilled, we played Five Crowns, one of our favorite card games. It was, I think, the largest group of people we’ve had for a single game — me, Jessica, Namine, my sister Lydia, and her fiance Ron. It took so long, we actually didn’t even get through to the end of the game. We still had three more hands left when my mom announced that dinner was ready.

We didn’t really have a dessert planned, but you can’t have a grill-out without dessert. (We did roast marshmallows, but come on, that doesn’t count. That’s just a requirement with a hot grill.) It was such a hot day, so we thought ice cream would be perfect.

After calling Dairy Queen to make sure they were actually open (it being a national holiday, after all), Jessica and I headed there to pick up an ice cream cake. Last time I got one, I discovered that they’ll write whatever you want at no extra charge. My choice this time was… questionable.

It was delicious, and hit the spot after being out in the heat.

My family had picked up quite a large amount of sparklers, so we took turns lighting them and waving them around. They also had some small fireworks which we set off in the driveway. There were a few loud whistlers that took us by surprise.

As we were getting read to leave, we noticed that the fireflies started to come out. Jessica and I caught some for Namine to hold before letting them go again.

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