Dress fitting

Namine was measured for her Make A Wish dress.

Last night Namine and I met our two contacts at Make A Wish, along with the dressmaker, to have Namine fitted for her Disney Princess dress. When first asked, Namine said she wanted a Belle dress. Then she changed her mind, and decided on a Snow White dress. Then she changed her mind again, telling me and the Make A Wish ladies that she wanted a Belle dress after all.

Namine rather enjoyed being measured. Part of it, I’m sure, was the anticipation, that this meant she would get a brand new dress, and soon. The other part of it was that the measuring tape tickled her arms.

Of course, measuring was not all. Namine also got to pick out what kind of dress she would have. She had the option of it being a one-piece or two-piece (like a separate bodice and skirt); she chose one-piece. She’s independent enough, and self-sufficient enough, that neither choice would have been a better or worse choice, so I left it entirely to her.

Namine also got to choose the style of fabric. There was shiny, which would be a little warmer but had (as the dressmaker described it) more pizzazz; or not shiny. (Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it.) Of course, Namine chose the shiny fabric. We will be in Florida, and we know how hot it can get, but it’ll also be in September. It’s not like we’re going in July.

As well as the fabric — or most of it, the finer details will still be up to the dressmaker — Namine got to choose many of the accents of the dress. For example, Belle’s dress has points from which some of the looser, gathered material hangs. Those points could be pearls, the dressmaker told Namine, or jewels. Namine asked if they could be roses. The dressmaker voiced her surprise; she’s never had a child choose flowers before, but she would be happy to do roses if that was what Namine wanted. It was.

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  1. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    I can’t wait to see the pix of Namine in her dress when she gets it. Thanks for adding this to DifferentDream.com’s special needs link up.

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