It’s been nearly a week, and we’re still no closer to understanding why Namine is sick.

Last Friday, Namine spiked a fever. (Actually, she’d had a fever on Thursday, but it worsened the next day.) She was supposed to spend the night at my parents’ house, but I ended up taking her to Urgent Care instead. They ran their normal set of tests, including a swab for strep throat, but nothing came back positive. They concluded that it was merely a virus; we could do nothing but let it run its course.

Namine did end up spending the weekend with my parents. Her fever diminished over Saturday and Sunday, so we thought that was the end of it. We thought wrong.

On Monday morning, Namine’s fever was back. Yesterday, Wednesday, we took her into the ER after her fever reached an alarming high of 103. In addition to the high fever and the headache that came with it, Namine also complained of a stomach ache. After the initial examination on being admitted, the doctors became alarmed that Namine might have an appendicitis.

They ran a greater number of tests in the hospital than they had in Urgent Care, but still came up with nothing. They, too, concluded (after being in the hospital for five hours) that it must be nothing more than a nasty virus.

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