Two fun days

When I say “fun,” I actually mean “not fun.” We’ve spent the last couple days in and out of the pediatrician’s and the ER, trying to figure out why Namine is experiencing abdominal pain. Again.

A near miss

Jessica took Namine to the ER this afternoon. She – Namine, I mean, not Jessica – was playing with a pencil in her mouth, despite being told not to. The next thing you know, Namine’s mouth is bleeding. And the cold grip of fear: did Namine puncture her palate?


Last night was the first night in several days that Namine didn’t wake up in the middle of the night crying. We used to suspect that she has nightmares, but our suspicions are confirmed and we wonder no longer at the subject of those terrible dreams.

Worth waiting for

At about 3:30 this afternoon, Namine was discharged from the ER. Thankfully, she does not have any broken bones. But in my opinion, we’ll only stay lucky for so long; her right leg is bruised, and we’re not sure how much it hurts her. She may have woken up crying this morning, but she doesn’t complain about pain. Ever. So you’d never know, now, what discomfort she might be in.