• Leg pain scare

    Leg pain scare

    Namine’s leg was caught in the sliding door of the van. Fortunately, nothing is broken.

  • Overnight hospital stay

    After a late night visit to the ER, Namine was admitted to the hospital for a persistent cough, high fever, and low oxygenation.

  • Dental and the ER

    Dental and the ER

    Namine got the rest of her braces, but she also had an allergic reaction to her pre-appointment antibiotic.

  • Late night ER visit

    Late night ER visit

    When a heart patient tells you something is wrong, you listen.

  • Chest pains

    Chest pains

    Namine was complaining of chest pains this afternoon, so we took her to the ER. Long story short, she’s fine and we don’t know why she was in pain.

  • Broken leg

    Broken leg

    Namine broke her leg over the weekend.

  • Mystery illness

    Mystery illness

    It’s been nearly a week, and we’re still no closer to understanding why Namine is sick.

  • Basketball camp, week 2

    Basketball camp, week 2

    Jessica and I were helping her sister move this weekend, so my aunt took Namine to basketball camp.

  • She likes a good accent

    She likes a good accent

    I have a funny story for you.

  • Two fun days

    Two fun days

    When I say “fun,” I actually mean “not fun.” We’ve spent the last couple days in and out of the pediatrician’s and the ER, trying to figure out why Namine is experiencing abdominal pain. Again.

  • A near miss

    A near miss

    Jessica took Namine to the ER this afternoon. She – Namine, I mean, not Jessica – was playing with a pencil in her mouth, despite being told not to. The next thing you know, Namine’s mouth is bleeding. And the cold grip of fear: did Namine puncture her palate?

  • Nightmares


    Last night was the first night in several days that Namine didn’t wake up in the middle of the night crying. We used to suspect that she has nightmares, but our suspicions are confirmed and we wonder no longer at the subject of those terrible dreams.