Halloween gingerbread house

Namine had fun building her spooky gingerbread house.

You might remember that as a result of Namine feeling under the weather, we put together a “hide and treat” for Halloween instead of taking her trick or treating. One of the larger treats was a Halloween-themed gingerbread house; the other was an assorted bag of extra candy corn and pumpkins for the purpose of decorating the house.

The thing about that assorted bag was that upon opening it, Namine found that it was not assorted. It was, in fact, filled solely with candy corn. Sigh.

Filled with candy corn and lies.

Not to be deterred, Namine was still excited to use the extra candy to decorate her house. As far as the house itself went, it was easier to build than some of the Christmas ones we’ve built in the past; the frosting adhesive was thicker and held much better.

Namine got creative with the candy corn, too. She did use some whole ones, but she also broke some apart to assemble a spider. She also used the little candy balls that came with the house to build a person and put some writing on the walls of the house.