Hide and treat

Namine wasn’t feeling well, so the day we planned wasn’t the day we had. Despite that, we still had some Halloween fun!

“If you want to make God laugh,” so the saying goes, “tell Him your plans.” For example, we had planned on spending Halloween with some of Namine’s friends. They were all going to go trick or treating together. It would be a lot of fun for everyone. And then Namine ran a low-grade fever.

As is typically the case with Namine, she stayed upbeat even though we had to cancel on her friends. Jessica had the splendid idea of doing something different, and inside: a “hide and treat.” Similar to how we hid Easter eggs throughout the apartment, we planned to hide Halloween candy throughout the house for Namine to find.

We did leave a bowl of candy outside for kids. By the time the two hours of trick or treat time was over, it was nearly empty.

Namine was eventually tempted by the siren call of trick or treating, but we stayed inside. Not to let Namine’s costume go unused, she still put it on for the candy hunt. (She wore the same chicken costume that she wore when we attended Stein’s trick or treat event.)

Jessica and I had fun sprinkling candy across the house. (There’s a lot more room now!) We covered the living room, a little bit in the kitchen, the family room, and Namine’s room.

Namine’s room we saved for last — both for us to spread candy and for Namine to search. We laid a trail of dinosaur skeletons, leading to a Halloween-themed gingerbread house and some extra candy pumpkins for decorating it.

Dressed in her chicken costume, Namine had a wonderful time searching the house for candy. We thought perhaps we’d be finding candy for months later, but I’m pretty sure Namine found all the hiding spots.

Namine was also excited to see the path of dinosaurs. If she’s anything like me (and she is), that particular love won’t go away anytime soon.

After all the candy searching was over, we popped a pizza in the oven and tucked in for a Halloween evening of watching John Carpenter’s The Thing and My Little Pony. Talk about Namine’s wide variety of interests! Although in retrospect, perhaps we should have picked the zombie episode of MLP… we just watched a couple episodes in our current watching order.

We think we’ve discovered a new family Halloween tradition. As much fun as Namine always has trick or treating, she said that “hide and treat” was even more fun. We may have to do this again next year!

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