Recital weekend

This weekend was Namine’s dance recital, and she had a wonderful time!

Namine has been practicing hard in all three of her dances — tap, jazz, and our father-daughter dance — and this weekend, we finally got to perform in front of an audience.

Last year, Namine told us that she was nervous about dancing in front of an audience, especially in her walker. This year, however, she had no such apprehensions. She was excited to do it again, and loved every minute of it.

Just like in the dress rehearsal, I helped Namine in carrying her walker before and after her tap dance. Since I was on the sidelines for that, I got to watch her during both performances.

A portion of Namine’s tap dance, since I was unable to record it during the dress rehearsal.

For my part, I was thrilled to participate in a dance with her. Of course, it wasn’t just the two of us — there was a whole group of fathers and daughters dancing to Zero To Hero (from Disney’s Hercules).

When my sister was in dance, my dad loved being able to dance with her in recitals. This was my first year doing it, and let me tell you, I am hooked. Namine and I already love dancing together; being able to do so on a stage was beyond wonderful.

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