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After a long time apart, Milwaukee Ballet has resumed in-person Tour de Force!

For the past couple years, the Milwaukee Ballet’s Tour de Force program has been totally virtual. Due to the risk of Covid, they couldn’t justify gathering in person — especially since so many of Namine’s dance mates, like herself, were at a higher risk medically. We were excited to receive notice, then, that they were going to resume in-person dance on a trial basis.

Under normal circumstances, there would be a kickoff event, where the Ballet would put on a small performance (and in years past, let kids participate) and explain the upcoming session. The session itself would be five or six weeks of dance.

Since this is more of a trial run, there is no kickoff. They’re going straight into having dance sessions, but only for two weeks. There will be two weeks off, then if all systems are go, another two weeks of dance. Then that will be it for this first session.

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