Tour de Force kickoff

The kickoff event for the Milwaukee Ballet’s Tour de Force program was today. Namine and her friends from the Glissade class performed their dance again.

Ballet In A Box

Before the Tour de Force kickoff started, there was the more general event called Ballet in a Box. This involved a performance by Milwaukee Ballet dancers, followed by a short time when the kids could ask the dancers questions.

Tour de Force kickoff

Once the families present for Ballet in a Box had left, we noticed that there were a lot of new families. It’s so awesome. The first thing everyone did was take turns introducing themselves and why they were excited to be there. I introduced our family, and told everyone that this was Namine’s third session with Tour de Force. Namine was happy to take it from there:

“Hi, I’m Namine. I’m happy to be back, and as always, I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and making new ones.”

After Namine and the rest of her Glissade class practiced one more time, they performed their Raise the Roof dance for everyone.

The kickoff for Tour de Force is always a blast. Namine had a lot of fun going around and talking to people she knew and people she didn’t. (Being social has never been a problem for her.) When it was time to leave, she insisted on saying goodbye to everyone. I thought she meant her friends from the Glissade class, but I’m pretty sure she said goodbye to literally (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ everyone there.

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