Raise the Roof

Namine performed with her classmates at a fundraising event for the Milwaukee Ballet.

This weekend, the Milwaukee Ballet put on an event called Raise the Roof to raise funds, awareness, and a love of dancing. The wheelchair ballet dancers (called the Glissade class) of the Tour de Force program were invited to perform at Raise the Roof; Namine was thrilled to be a part of it.

The event was held at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee. We all arrived early for rehearsal and prep. Jessica had a lot of fun doing Namine’s makeup.

I don’t know what Namine was talking about with another parent here, but she sure was animated about it. You can see the little Italian talks with her hands, though!

It was quite a wait between the end of rehearsal and when it was time for the girls to go on stage. Rehearsal ended around 4:30 or so, but they didn’t perform until almost 8:30. At the start of it, it seemed like it would be forever. Before we knew it, it was time to go on, but not before a few more selfies.

Namine had a wonderful time, and said — when it was all over — that she can’t wait to perform for an audience again. Good thing, too, because the Glissade girls will be dancing for the next Tour de Force kickoff soon!

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