Creation Camp at Zachariah’s Acres

We spent a couple hours up at Zachariah’s Acres. The weather was a little brisk, but we still had fun. ♿

We always love coming up to Zachariah’s Acres. As a family with a wheelchair, it’s not always easy to find a place where Namine has no accessibility issues. That’s doubly true for someplace outdoors — which is why Zachariah’s Acres is perfect.

I admit I thought the “apple cinnamon donuts” referred to by one of the volunteers meant donuts. Namine knew better, since this wasn’t her first time. She remembered (and I had apparently forgotten) that they were actually cored, thinly sliced apples. She decorated her apples with a variety of toppings.

Don’t ask me what kind of small horse Bear is. Yes, that’s his name. He was inside a small enclosure on the grass — they wouldn’t need to mow that section, at least — inside which children could feed and pet him. Namine said his lips tickled her when she fed him.

Since it’s getting late in the season, the chickens weren’t laying very many eggs. Namine still wanted to help by at least checking the nests, even if there was nothing to collect. As it turned out, there were a couple eggs, after all.

As we left the chickens, clucking at them as we did so, we saw a huge, fuzzy caterpillar. Namine wanted to pick it up, but I can never remember which kinds are safe to pick up and which are not.

An aside: it’s impossible to see chickens and not make “bok-bok” noises at them. It is for us, anyway.

There are a couple fire pits up the walkway a bit, so we stopped to roast a couple marshmallows. They had some chocolate and graham crackers out, so Namine made a S’more. Yum!

Namine wanted to go on a tractor ride, but as we headed toward the main building they said there would be a bee presentation. Namine decided to attend that first.

It turned out to be all about honeybees’ life-cycle and the roles the different kinds played — the queen, worker bees, and drones. After the presentation, the kids got to make their own beehive.

Before we left for the day, we finally did go on that tractor ride. Namine also wanted to go fishing, but we didn’t have jackets and the wind was starting to pick up.

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