Measured for a new wheelchair

Namine was measured for a new wheelchair!

It was not too long ago that we announced the arrival of Namine’s larger wheelchair. We still sometimes refer to it as her “new” wheelchair, even though it’s already two years old.

It was our understanding that Namine would only qualify for a new wheelchair every five years. Imagine our surprise, then, when our equipment provider informed us otherwise. As it turns out, Namine’s current wheelchair cannot be extended.

Namine’s prior wheelchair underwent the process of being elongated a couple times to accommodate her growing legs. Unfortunately, this wheelchair has a solid frame and cannot be modified like that. Therefore, she will get an all-new chair: new frame (extendable this time), new seat, and new wheels, probably. We’re not completely certain about that last part; they may be able to reuse her current wheels. We’ll just have to see.

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