Zachariah’s Acres

We visited Zachariah’s Acres, where Namine flew a kite, played the bongos, and went fishing.

Through another special needs family, we heard about Zachariah’s Acres, a nonprofit location where special needs families can come and enjoy the outdoors.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the president of Zachariah’s Acres, Terry. He introduced himself and his son, Zachariah. He told us about all the things available for Namine to see and do while we were there: the bee keeping, kite flying, fishing, the chicken coop, and more.

Namine was so excited to visit a place that had so much geared toward kids in wheelchairs, and she wouldn’t let anyone push her in her wheelchair. On our way to the kite flying spot, we passed some bongos, but she kept right on going.

After she was done flying a kite, she went back to the bongos she’d passed earlier.

After Namine had had enough music, she decided she wanted to go fishing. To get there, we had to ride on a wagon to get to the fishing pond.

It was, of course, not Namine’s first wagon ride. It was a hay wagon, but no hay — just benches and plenty of room for wheelchairs. It was, on the other hand, our first accessible wagon ride. (We knew to expect it, being where we were, but to experience it tugged on my heartstrings.)

This was Namine’s first time fishing, and she loved it. Being new to fishing, the patience aspect was something to get used to. She caught four fish in all, two of them being the only perch any kids had caught that day.

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