Easter candy hunt

We attended Muskego’s 46th annual egg hunt! ?

I’ve lived in Muskego nearly all my life, and I’d never heard of this annual egg hunt. It was actually less “egg hunt” and more “candy hunt” because there were no eggs. The people putting on the event just sort of tossed candy across the grass.

There were separate areas, each designated for an age group. The one exception to this was the area set aside for disabled kids. This was simply labeled “differently abled,” a term at which Namine rolled her eyes.

I’ve changed the language I use to describe Namine over the years. I always defer to Namine’s preference as far as terminology goes. I used to use the term “wheelchair-bound,” but her wheelchair doesn’t restrict her. It frees her, enabling her to go where she wouldn’t normally.

Unfortunately, in this case Namine’s wheelchair wouldn’t help her. They had set up the “differently abled” section in the grass, which was fine for everybody else. (As it turned out, Namine was one of only two wheelchair users there.) We had originally asked Namine to stay in her wheelchair, but what are kids’ clothes for, if not to get dirty?

And get dirty she did. The candy hunt was at noon, but I think the grass was still a bit wet from the morning’s dew. Namine ended up with grass stains on her pants and her jacket, but that’s okay.

The sun had started to melt the candy, just sitting in the grass all out in the open, so Namine was a little choosy with the chocolate coins. They were a bit mushy.

After most of the other people had left the area, Namine found more to do than just collect candy. There was a decently sized pile of leaves which she played around in. The autumn is often too cold for her — she gets sick easily, and then we’re off to the hospital — but discovering a leaf pile in this nice weather was a pleasant surprise.

We had bought some raffle tickets before the whole candy hunt started, and to our surprise, Namine won! It was a basket with a fishing pole, a stuffed animal, and a bunch of other goodies.

Funny thing about that fishing basket. There were two available in the raffle. One contained a Frozen fishing pole and a pink stuffed animal, and it was labeled “Girl’s Basket.” The other contained an Avengers fishing pole and a blue stuffed animal, and it was labeled “Boy’s Basket.” That was the one Namine picked.

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