Heart monitor

Namine has to wear a heart monitor for the next week.

Last week, we spent a late night in the ER because Namine experienced a high heart rate. A couple nights ago, she complained of it happening again. This time, we didn’t bring her into the ER at the advice of the cardiologist, since she’d already had an EKG and they wouldn’t be able to do any other tests until the morning.

Namine’s primary cardiologist can’t see her until next Monday, but in the meantime we’ve been given a heart monitor called the Zio XT.

Namine has worn a portable heart monitor a couple times before, so this is nothing new. The three of us read through the instruction manual together, and then I helped Namine put it on. It has a button which she can press if she experiences any abnormality again (as she already has twice in the past week).

The Zio XT is essentially a portable EKG, similar enough to the one she had in the ER last week. The difference here is that it will continually monitor her over the course of the week. At the end of that week, we’ll return it and get the results back from Namine’s cardiologist.

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