Heart monitor results

We have the results from Namine’s heart monitor, and they’re mostly good.

We got a call from Namine’s cardiologist. He had the results of Namine’s Zio patch, which she wore for 24 hours so he could have a consistent, normal day’s worth of heart activity. (As we well know, a scan in the clinic does not yield the same results as if the child were home.)

First, the good news: Namine’s heart is healthy. The Fontan, Namine’s third heart surgery, continues to prove itself the best choice for her health. It is strong, and by now we expect that the fenestration is closed (whether or not anyone can confirm it).

Unfortunately, there is some bad news, too. In reviewing Namine’s heart monitor results, the cardiologist also determined that Namine’s heart occasionally beats more times than it should. It’s not very often, and he says it’s nothing to worry about, but he’ll follow up on it in the future just in case.

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