Heart monitor

Namine saw her cardiologist for a heart checkup.

It’s kind of ridiculous when the wait to see the doctor is longer than the doctor’s appointment itself, but it’s true even for kiddos like Namine. She just had a checkup; they listened to her heart and were satisfied.

Before they sent us on our way, however, they gave us a parting gift: a Holter heart monitor. Namine had to wear it for 24 hours. Unlike past heart monitors, there were no cords, no attached hardware. It was essentially just an electronic patch attached to her with adhesive.

The last time Namine had a Holter monitor, it was to track her heart rate during therapy. This time, her doctor just wanted a recording of her heart over the course of a normal day.

Now that that 24-hour period is over, we helped Namine remove it. We’ll mail it off to the doctor, as we’ve done in the past. We’re old pros at this by now. ?

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