Valentine’s Day treats

The cooking class on making Valentine’s Day sweets was a delicious experience!

For Christmas last year, Namine asked for experiences, not presents. My mom signed four people up for a cooking class at Sur La Table: Namine (of course), Jessica, my mom, and my sister. Jessica was unable to go, so I went in her place.

My mom had informed the class chef that Namine is in a wheelchair, so the counter at which we were stationed was lowered to accommodate her. The class itself was on making Valentine’s Day treats — fudge, cookies, and tarts. We all were given a packet with the recipes that we have already made (and more!), so we could make them again, which Namine is excited to do at home.

One thing we didn’t need to worry about, in this class, was the measurements. Everything was measured out in advance. (They didn’t give us enough chocolate kisses for the cookies, though. But the chocolate cookies were still good, even if they didn’t have extra melted chocolate in the middle.)

I was surprised that the fudge was so simple to make. I’m certain there are more complicated recipes, but this one was perfect for a group of budding chefs.

The pie dough’s yield for the tarts was supposed to be eight cookie shapes (hearts, of course), which, since they doubled up to make a little pie, would result in four cookies — one for each person taking the class. We, however, managed to stretch it out to 12 shapes, so that there were two extra cookies: in Namine’s words, “One for Mommy and one for Grandpa!”

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