School at the doctor

We had a pretty long morning at the doctor’s office yesterday, but that didn’t keep Namine from doing schoolwork.

Namine has to write a report on orangutans. We picked up a good half dozen or so books from the library the other day, so we packed them all in her backpack before we left for the doctor. In the waiting room, Namine read each one. When she was finished, she got out her notebook and started writing out her report.

This is the nice thing about home-schooling* Namine. And for the most part Namine is good about staying on track. (I say “for the most part” because Namine has her moments of goofing off when nobody’s watching, as any child is wont to do.) At the doctor’s office, she was very good about reading through her books and working on her report.

*Technically, Namine is enrolled in public school, which she “attends” through video calls with her teacher. For all intensive porpoises, though, she’s home-schooled. On the day-to-day, Jessica is her teacher.

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