Namine’s new kitchen

Yesterday my aunt helped us rearrange our kitchen.

As Namine has gotten older, we’ve changed things around, as best we can, to increase her accessibility in the apartment. With the landlord’s help, we got door handles instead of doorknobs. My aunt made Namine a small sink, where she can wash up and get ready for bed. We took out all the hanging clothes and put in a large shelving unit with drawers that Namine can reach to get her own clothes out and put away.

Jessica loves to cook. I love to try to cook. (I’m pretty decent with breakfast food, anyway.) So of course, Namine wants to cook. She’s got an induction burner that she’s cooked with, but until now it’s always been her sitting on the floor or on top of the counter. Our kitchen area is so small, it’s standing room only. We’ve done our baking and mixing at the kitchen table, but it’s a little high for Namine.

We wanted to build something custom, where Namine could sit at and learn to cook comfortably. With my aunt’s help, we did just that.

Namine’s new kitchen counter sits at just a bit over two feet tall. It’s the perfect height for Namine to roll up to in her wheelchair, but it’s also not too low for Jessica and myself to sit at in a chair. It’s six feet long, which is plenty of room to cook at. It’s also long enough to serve as a breakfast bar.

So this morning, after we got home from church, Namine and Jessica made pancakes. Well, that was originally the plan. But Namine decided she wanted to use the mini-donut maker instead to make little pancake donuts.

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