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The latest point release of my WordPress theme fixes a number of bugs and introduces the start of some new features.

The latest point release of my WordPress theme fixes a number of bugs and introduces the start of some new features.

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Bug fixes

Probably the most important fix is the sub-menu toggle button. The way it was originally written, it not only targeted menu and widget sub-menus (as was its intention), but also nested comments. I never meant for that to happen, so it’s been remedied.

If you use Jetpack’s Site Logo module, you may have noticed that the logo in Cover’s header had a little too much padding. That has been fixed.

Even though I built Cover around the Aesop Story Engine plugin (I still stand by its awesomeness), I’ve been burned by its upgrades over time. So I finally decided to change the way its styles were loaded. (I wrote a separate post on the process here, if you’re interested.) Along with those changes are fixes to the Parallax, Quote, Content, Collection, and Chapter component styles.

If you use WordPress’s native comments, and you have paging enabled, sometimes the paging wouldn’t work. Now they work all the time.

New features

On to the fun stuff. I’ve added post format support to this version of Cover. Right now that just means different header colors for each different post type (non-customizable at this point), but I may add more to it, depending on user feedback. (Hint hint nudge nudge, if you want something specific, let me know.)

I’ve added a new widget area, in the footer. As with everything about Cover, it’ll respond to any size device. Wide screens will display three columns of widgets, tablets will display two (in portrait view), and smaller screens like phones will display one column.

I’ve also added a new option to the Customizer, allowing you to set the type of timestamp. The default is still absolute time, i.e., “February 25, 2016.” But if you check the Relative timestamp checkbox, it will change all post timestamps to relative-to-now, i.e., “Three days ago.” (You might notice that I’m using it on my own site.)

Well, that’s it for the high points. You’re always welcome to take a look at the full change log on Github, and as always, I welcome suggestions, comments, and pull requests. You can raise an issue, comment here or on the project page, or email me at peiche at

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