A blog post for bug fixes? Say it ain’t so!

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This version of Cover introduces nothing new, but fixes a number of problems.

The sticky map, chapter, and image components in the Aesop Story Engine plugin had some display issues which have since been resolved.

An edge case where Headroom.js (which drives the header hiding and showing as you scroll down or up, respectively) would throw an error has been fixed.

Speaking of third party scripts, I’ve removed Skrollr in light of the developer’s lack of activity. Skrollr was responsible for the parallax scrolling of the featured image and fading of the header, but due to limitations, I disabled it for touch devices. The parallax images are gone now, but the header fading is still working — and even better, it works for mobile devices now. (I’ve tested on Android 5.1 and iOS 9 on the iPad Air.)

Aaand speaking of removing old code — we’re just moving on through my stream of consciousness here — I was also able to remove some old blocks of code from the server-side end of things. Cover is built on top of Underscores, remember, and I started working on it back in 2014. There were shims and custom functions in the base theme then, and they’re no longer necessary because they’ve been merged into core.


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