I’m happy to announce the latest version of my WordPress theme.

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I’m actually sort of breaking semantic versioning with this release. It started out as a bugfix release, but I ended up adding some new stuff as well — support for a new plugin and a new widget area, among other things.

But first, the things I fixed.

Bug fixes

A couple missing translation text areas were brought to my attention. There were in the post footer — the “Previous Post” and “Next Post,” to be specific — and wrapping them in the translation function was easy enough.

The window color theme in Chrome for Android was always showing up as blue (Cover’s default color), even if the main color was changed in the Customizer. This is now fixed.

The link to the Customizer script was broken on the admin side. I had forgotten to update the path when I moved to a unified Grunt build, so I fixed it in this release.

Various stylesheet fixes.

New features

Updated Font Awesome to version 4.5.

Featured images now have an “expand” icon in the lower right, which enables the image to be seen in full view by itself.

Added a “jump to post” link at the bottom of full-screen featured images.

Added a widget area to the search overlay.

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