Cover2 1.4.2

The latest theme update fixes a fatal bug and introduces a new post format, among other things.

Bug fixes

First up is the fix for Gutenberg. I’ve talked about the new WordPress editor before, but little did I realize its introduction into core would break things as bad is it did in my theme. I have some custom logic to account for Aesop Story Engine chapter components, which now includes support for Gutenberg. There’s a function in the plugin version of Gutenberg which changed names before being merged into WordPress core. Since the plugin’s named function no longer existed, it broke things. Hard.

There are some other style-related things this version fixes, like inconsistent font weights and missing Gutenberg styles.

New features

On the topic of plugin styles, I’ve added support for both the Editor Blocks and Atomic Blocks plugins. (In testing, I found them to be pretty nice, though I don’t have them enabled here on Eiche Fam.) I want to mention that the added styles for any plugins, like for Jetpack and other supported plugins, are not loaded unless that plugin is installed and active.

Cover2 already supports all custom post formats, but it doesn’t change the display at all; it just includes a post type icon on the post listing pages. This version changes that: the quote post format will now take the first quote (technically, the first <blockquote> element) and place it in the header, instead of the post title. Any other content will still be displayed below the header.

If you have the Jetpack plugin installed, you can now place the social menu in the footer. Jetpack is missing a few sites I use, so I’ve added custom SVG icons for BitBucket, DEV, GitLab, Sourcerer, and StackShare. (That last one is kinda iffy. The icon is still messed up when using the dark footer.)

A setting that was lost in the rewrite from Cover to Cover2 was the ability to show featured images in post listings, but no longer. You can enable it in the Customizer.

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