Special Needs follow-up

Yesterday afternoon, Namine had an appointment with the Special Needs department head.

Since we were at the clinic anyway, they decided to get a fresh height and weight from Namine. Due to her having caudal regression syndrome, her growth — though marked as “height” — is not measured by height; it’s measured by her arm span. As it turned out, Namine has grown another two inches since last time!

The nurse also took Namine’s blood pressure and measured her O2. It had been low during the previous days, even as low as 92 (from her normal 98) when she was coughing and hacking with no end in sight. But at the clinic, it was up to 97 — a good sign of her recovery.

When we got the room, Dr. Gordon and his nurse were waiting for us. He asked Namine some questions, then took a look at her. He listened to her heart and lungs and concluded what the other doctors in the ER and Urgent Care had also concluded: this was likely a viral infection, and would pass in short time.

It was possible, he said, that Namine could have sinusitis. It wasn’t likely, but yes, it was possible. He didn’t write a prescription for us to take to the pharmacy, but he made a note that if she didn’t improve in the next couple days, we should call him. In that event, he would send the prescription in for us.

Last night, Namine did not once cough in the night. It looks like all she needed was to see Dr. Gordon. (I’m only half kidding.)

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