Outgrown AFOs

Doctor and therapy appointments don’t stop, even in a quarantine.

Namine was way overdue for an appointment to be measured for new AFOs. Some months ago, we discovered that the one for her left foot no longer fit. Her therapist had her stop wearing both, since they have lifts to account for the curvature of her feet. As a result, she was just wearing her shoes in therapy. It wasn’t ideal, but it was also better than stopping altogether.

We had to reschedule the original date for Namine’s AFO measurement because she was sick. Then the clinic canceled the rescheduled date due to the coronavirus and ensuing quarantine. Now that things have settled once again into some semblance of a (cautious) routine, we were able to take Namine in for a rescheduled, rescheduled appointment.

I’m happy to say that Namine finally did make her AFO measurement appointment. And not only have her feet been measured, but she was able to pick out a new design for the braces as well. She chose a jungle theme this time. I thought this was perhaps because it had lions (her favorite animal), but she said no — she just liked that design the best. (I would have picked dinosaurs. Jessica would have chosen unicorns.)

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