Things to do in a pandemic

Thanks to the #SaferAtHome initiative here in Wisconsin, we’ve changed up some of our routines. You probably have too, but here are some of our things to do in the quarantine. ?

?️ Rearrange your living space

I recently wrote about how we rearranged our living room and Namine’s bedroom. I didn’t mention that prior to that, Jessica and I had also rearranged our bedroom as well. It’s easy to say “I would do this, but I’m so busy!” Well, there’s little excuse anymore, especially on the weekends when we’re no longer taking Namine to tennis or ballet.

? Play games with your friends

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean not playing games with your friends. Namine has kept in contact with her friends, and they’ve even set up virtual play dates where they can video chat and play card games.

If you’re not too sick of the family you’re cooped up in the house (or apartment, in our case) with, you could always play games with them, too. A novel concept, I know. ?

⛪ Attend church online

Our church has only recently adopted online services. Well… that’s not totally true. Our church has several different services: a traditional service, and a couple different “contemporary” services. (This good ol’ Lutheran boy doesn’t care too much for all that new-fangled contemporary stuff.)

Until the coronavirus hit, only one of the contemporary services was available online, so we watched the streaming service from a Lutheran church in Florida. Now that the pandemic is in full swing and everyone here is on lockdown, it’s been nice to see our church make their traditional service available online.

? Replace spring water with a filter

I’ll just preface this with the statement that our tap water tastes awful. Seriously, we don’t drink it. At least, we used to not drink it. We used to get our water from a free-to-all spring a few miles down the road. We’ve got five milk crates — which held four gallons of water each — that we refilled at the spring each week.

Since we go out as little as possible after the quarantine, we don’t refill those jugs anymore. We bought a Brita water filter — which was honestly cheaper than I expected — and we’ve been refilling it using the tap. After being filtered through the Brita, I don’t really notice it tasting much different than the spring water we used to get. (Jessica does, but this will have to do until we can go to the spring again.)

? Knit a scarf

Don’t let her know I told you, but Jessica is a good knitter. She’s knitting me a scarf, and the quarantine has given her plenty of time with which to finish it. She’s almost done with it, now. Every so often she summons me to drape it over my shoulders. I like it a lot and I can’t wait until it’s done!

?‍♂️ Get a mohawk

This one might not be for everybody. It honestly might just be me. Since I don’t have to go into an office — and I might not have to for a month or more — I asked Jessica to give me a mohawk. She was hesitant, but she obliged after I took the clippers to my own head as a start. She’s since said that it’s growing on her. Namine, not so much.

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