We went back to Urgent Care last night. Namine’s cough had changed, and we were concerned that something might have traveled to her lungs.

Namine’s fever had gone away the previous evening, but yesterday it returned. The x-ray itself was uneventful; they’re nothing new to Namine, and they never faze her in the slightest.

The longest part of any stay is the waiting, but when the results came back — her chest was totally clear — we were free to go.

Every time we’ve been to Urgent Care, they’ve told us that Namine’s cough is viral. There’s nothing anyone can do about a viral infection; all you can do is wait it out. In the meantime, Namine is coughing and hacking, throwing up, and all around getting poor sleep at night.

So you’ll forgive me if I don’t just lie down and accept “eh, it’s viral” as a final answer. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the head of the Special Needs department at the hospital, whom I trust far more than these ER and Urgent Care doctors ducktors. (You know, because they’re all quacks. :p)

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