Easter bulletin board

It’s been more than a week now since Easter Sunday, and I still haven’t posted about our bulletin board. That’s kind of fitting, since we didn’t even get the board up until the night before Easter.

We started out with an idea for a three stage view: the hilltop with the three crosses, the closed tomb, and the empty tomb. We started with a progression from darker to lighter background. Then I cut out a sloping hill and stapled it to the board.

We each had our parts: Namine and Jessica painted the crosses; Namine painted a heart, and I cut out the tombs. (One closed, one open.) After the girls finished their bulletin board pieces, they made a stained-glass cross for the window.

After the girls finished painted the crosses, I decorated them a little bit more. My drawing style has always fallen a little more on the cartoonish side, but I think the hatching and cross-hatching effect looks pretty good here.

Like I mentioned before, we didn’t get a chance to finish the board until right before Easter. That’s not ideal, but that’s what happens sometimes. The board was a little more spartan than we wanted. We had originally planned on putting a verse or two in the sky above the crosses and tombs, written atop a ribbon to complete the look. Oh well, maybe next time.

We were going to do something like this, but we never got around to it.

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