It had been a while since Namine had last gotten to kick the beach ball around at therapy. But doing so again reminded her how much she loved it.

For Namine, therapy is not just “something I have to do.” It’s not a chore, and it’s certainly never a punishment. Make no mistake, it is hard work, but she knows why she does it. She takes pride in working hard — as should we all! — and she never misses an opportunity to show us just how strong she is.

The other day Namine asked me to bring her walker in from the car. She wanted to put her braces on, with which I was happy to help, and kick the beach ball around the living room. (That’s right, playing ball inside the house. What would my mother say?)

I think this video demonstrates how good she’s gotten at kicking. For someone who has extremely limited hip movement, she’s come a long way indeed.

With as much standing, walking, and jumping as she did, it was pretty much the equivalent of two, maybe two and a half hours of physical therapy. (A typical PT session only lasts an hour.) At the end of the day, she was quite tired; she fell right asleep after I tucked her into bed. It was a rest she earned well.

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