Twist Car in therapy

Namine brought her new bike to therapy.

I don’t often get to take Namine to therapy, since it’s in the middle of the day. I had the opportunity yesterday, though, and we brought Namine’s new scooter.

Namine has ridden a momentum-based scooter in therapy before, and she loved it. As a result, one of Namine’s Christmas presents was a brand-new scooter of her very own. Jessica and I put it together, and we brought it with us to yesterday’s physical therapy session.

After riding the bike around for a while, it was time for Namine to move on to working in her walker. Before doing some walking around, she worked on her balance as she hit a beach ball back to her therapist.

Namine also had to walk around the room and hallways in her walker, kicking the beach ball as she went.

Namine’s reward for doing such a good job walking around was being allowed on the trampoline. Familiar as I am with Namine’s love for bounce houses, I knew she enjoyed herself. (As if her smiles and laughter didn’t give it away.)

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