Building leg strength

Yesterday at physical therapy, Namine walked around in the grass. We won’t have nice weather for very long until the winter comes, so I’m glad she was able to go outside.

Before going outside, Namine walked on the treadmill for a while. She walked for seven minutes straight.

I remember when two minutes was a struggle.

After walking on the treadmill, Namine was sure sweaty, but she wasn’t done. She knows what her therapy is for, and she works hard to get stronger. Once she was outside, she kicked a ball to her therapist.

Namine’s left knee still doesn’t bend very much. Her hips don’t allow her legs very much individual motion, so it’s not uncommon for her to rotate her body in order to generate the power and leverage needed to kick the ball. It’s much more work, and it’s tiring. But she never gives up.

Namine’s right knee has much more flexibility, so she is able to generate much more power behind a kick. She still gives it all she’s got.

When she stands in her walker, Namine has to use her arms to support her; her legs simply do not have the strength yet. But she’s working on it, getting a little bit stronger every day.

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