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  • Sam
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    Hi! Great tutorial, but my specific situation requires even more lean approach – I can use inline CSS only! So, no pseudo-elements whatsoever. Is there a way to do this or “Popup windows without JavaScript” without any pseudo-elements? Thanks!

    • Paul

      This demo actually doesn’t use pseudo-elements, but the checkbox hack is so named for a reason: it’s a hack. :)

      You need to be able to target a checked checkbox (“:checked” isn’t a pseudo-element, but rather a selector), and you can’t target states with inline CSS. The same goes for hover states; “:hover” isn’t possible with inline CSS either.

    • Sam

      Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply!
      Sorry, my terminology was off, but that was my question, is there any way I can do this without any inline CSS psudo-selectors, “:hover”s and such?
      (not an advanced user, as you could see already… :D )

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