Cleaning and karting

I’ve written before on how Namine likes to play video games with me, but I think this is the first time that she’s written about it.

We spent the weekend cleaning. On Saturday we focused on most of the apartment — the living room, dining room, and kitchen — and yesterday we focused on one room only: Namine’s room. It was that bad.

Namine’s room is usually not too much of a mess. It’s a typical six year old’s room, so of course it’s never going to be super spiffy clean. But Namine generally does a good job of maintaining order and putting toys away when she’s done with them. Sure, she needs reminding every once in a while, but I’ll say again, what child doesn’t? (My wife would like to take this time to remind me that I too need the occasional reminder to pick up my crap.)

But after the most recent playdate at our apartment, Namine’s room desperately needed a good cleaning. Namine by herself is usually well behaved, but when she’s with her friends she can be… a bit more rowdy. (Does this sound familiar to you, Matthew?) The two girls together made quick work of completely destroying Namine’s room.

So yesterday, the three of us set about cleaning Namine’s room. It definitely took the three of us together, and it took the better part of the afternoon to finish it. But it was well worth the effort.

Note the bags of old toys. To her credit, Namine is willing to give up those that she’s grown out of.

By the time we finished cleaning Namine’s room, it was getting late in the afternoon. With nothing else that needed to get done (aside from a little laundry), I decided to turn on the Wii and play some Mario Kart. Namine wanted to play too, so after I played a few tracks, I handed over the Wiil. (Get it? “Wii” + “wheel” = “Wiil.” It sounds clever in my head, but it looks dumb when I write it out. Whatever, I’m keeping it.)

Namine has slowly been improving her driving skills in Mario Kart, but she hasn’t been anywhere near first place on any tracks. Then this happened:

That was all Namine. She was very proud.

So anyway, today Namine was doing some worksheets for school. One of the sheets asked that she write out things that she likes to do, both by herself and with us. Check out that gem at the bottom.

I’m so proud.

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