They say you never know what you’re missing until it’s gone. Well, I never knew how much I missed the sound of piano playing in the house (well, apartment) until I heard Namine practicing her piano.

When I was in high school, the sound of the piano playing was common in my house. Not only do my parents play, but it was common to hear my sister practicing as well. I never appreciated it at the time — what big brother does? — but I can recall the years now, how she improved. I look forward to the same with my own daughter.


Namine has only had a few piano lessons. She’s just on the very basics right now, but I still love to hear her practicing. It was a stay-at-home kind of weekend, just perfect for cleaning and catching up on the housework. As I was folding some laundry, Namine practiced on the piano.

I wish I had the words to describe my feelings, as I sat there listening to her. It’s such a simple thing, really, but rarely have I felt such contentment. A perfect moment. I know it sounds corny, but I don’t care. I just love to listen to my daughter plunk away on the piano. There’s a love there, a love for music — not just for listening to it, but for creating it — and I am honored and awed to share these moments with her.

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  1. It is a special gift that our children give us to be able to feel such
    contentment from the simple moments in life. It’s wonderful that music
    is bringing you both such joy!

  2. “There’s a love there, a love for music — not just for listening to it, but for creating it — and I am honored and awed to share these moments with her.” Just beautiful. What an amazing testimony to your daughter’s love for music and your encouragement of that love.

  3. My husband and I are both pianists, and our oldest son has been playing for about a year or two now. Our 2nd son has autism and so far doesn’t really appreciate hearing his brother practice; though I suspect he really does enjoy hearing my husband play. He can play by ear, so he sends the kids off to bed by playing Super Mario theme music, or whatever Disney movie theme songs they like at the time. I love that music fills our home. And it warms my heart when Sam (with autism) sits with his daddy and sings worship songs during family devotions. What a blessing to read this! Enjoy the simple things as they offer a beautiful complexity in which to relish.

  4. I am not that much into music, but if you grew up with it, I can understand that even though you didn’t like it at the time, it brings back good memories now. I’m proud of Namine for taking up piano lessons.

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