Rearranging Namine’s room

In preparation for putting up Christmas decorations, we cleaned up Namine’s room.

Namine’s room has been a bit of a disaster ever since her window sills were replaced. Oh, it was a whole big thing. We had to move everything — and I mean everything — away from the windows so workers could come in and remove the existing sills.

They actually forgot about us after removing the sills. Then we got a call from the apartment manager, saying they were ready to install the new sills. At this point we’d more or less put Namine’s room back together, but now we had to move everything all over again.

Well, Namine’s room kind of stayed a disaster after the sills were installed because we were so busy. Between the normal everyday goings-on, like therapy and hospital visits, as well as school; sports and dance; and holiday preparations, we just didn’t have time to properly clean Namine’s room.

This past weekend was our first truly free weekend in, well, I can’t even remember when. So in anticipation of putting up Christmas decorations, we cleaned the apartment. Namine’s room took the better part of a day, and it was worth it. When we were done, we had one large box, plus four and a half large bags full of toys for Goodwill.

In the process of cleaning, I lifted Namine’s mattress and stood it on end so I could vacuum under it. While it was standing there, it occurred to me and Jessica (at the same time, no less) that if Namine wanted to rearrange her room, now was the time.

Namine decided, after having me move her bed and shelves around a bit, that she preferred her bed rotated depth-wise instead of length-wise. The bed takes up a fair amount of space in the room, but rotating it this way allows for the most square space for play.

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