Sick time

Namine and I now apparently have what Jessica had last week. I thought that I had gotten the worst of it, but Namine woke up with a crouping cough this morning. Despite her being sick, though, she nearly always keeps it together and stays cheerful.

When Namine got rid of the trach, she was still on her nebulizer breathing treatments. She was eventually taken off, though, because she had no problems breathing on her own. But then it got cold, and we were hearing a barking, crouping cough nearly every morning. So she was prescribed an inhaler, which she takes twice a day: once in the morning, once in the evening.

Since Namine started the inhaler, we haven’t once heard any croupiness (it’s a word because I say it is). Except for this morning, I mean. And that indicates that she’s caught whatever Jessica had, whatever I currently have. I myself have been quite congested, but sinus pressure seems to be the worst of my symptoms. Namine, on the other hand, has a narrow airway. I don’t mean just because she’s a small child; her airway will always be smaller than her peers due to being born with Pierre Robin sequence. (Wikipedia and other sources erroneously call it “syndrome,” not “sequence.” In actuality, it’s the cumulative effect of a series – a sequence – of genetic events, not a single condition, or syndrome.

Thankfully, Namine’s croup seems to have gone. It usually does; whatever tightening occurs overnight nearly always clears itself up by the time we get to the doctor, anyway; her morning inhaler helped, I’m sure.

Tomorrow morning, Namine has her appointment with cardiology. This isn’t the catheterization, just for her to be seen by her cardiologists. Tomorrow they’ll decide when they want to do the cath, and whether or not they believe the Fontan is coming soon.

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