Cardiology visit

This morning we took Namine to see her cardiologist. This was to see when she should have her heart cath, and to look to the future: the Fontan.

Before the cardiologist took a look at Namine, the nurse checked her on the pulseox. She was satting fine: a heart rate of 120 and oxygen saturation of 89. Phenomenal, as usual. (“Normal” Glen patients usually have an O2 reading of between 75 and 85, and require the Fontan by the time they turn three.)

The first thing the cardiologist did was listen to her breathing and heart. Namine of course knows where her heart is, and was happy to lift up her shirt for the stethescope. She sounded fine. After the cardiologist was done looking at Namine, he ordered for an EKG, which didn’t take long. Namine lay still with the stickers on her chest until the nurse was done. The doctor came back in after examining the results; he told us that her numbers were fine, and her heart seemed to be doing well.

As for the cath, that has been scheduled for March. Namine’s heart is not under stress, and is still pumping strong. After the Fontan Namine’s saturation will be around 94-96, but already she is generally at 89-92, so there is little point in rushing anything. (If she were at 75 and dropping, as her normy Glen’d peers, that would be a different matter entirely.)

In the meantime, however, a quick 30-second examination is no way to accurately determine if her increasing tiredness and lack of appetite. The doctor ordered a Holter monitor for Namine, which she will wear for the next 24 hours. Namine took one look at it and decided that it was her new purse. She was thrilled. She said to me after she slung its strap around her, just like an adult would a real purse, “It’s my brand new purse! Look, I’m pretty!”

Silly child, you are already beautiful.

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  1. theblondeview Avatar

    Oh so very sweet!

  2. She takes everything with a grain of salt! She even makes it better! I love that girl. Great news about her heart doing so well. Of course, we know she has a fantastic heart!

  3. PS I love her striped clothes and zebra!!!!

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