We took Namine in to be seen by ENT today. The culture from her ear infection had turned out to be fungal, not bacterial, so the bacterial eardrops we had given her (that finished about ten days ago) did no good. Actually, the eardrops may have exacerbated things, and possibly sped up the rate of infection. So, it was very important to have Namine seen by ENT as soon as possible.

Namine cooperated very well while having her ears, nose, and throat looked at by the nurse practitioner. She didn’t have a whole lot of stuff in her ear – and it still seems to be just her right ear – but it needed to be suctioned out anyway. She had a slight fever of 99, possibly 100, but it’s nothing we haven’t been able to take care of before. Certainly nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t handle. And her lungs sound fine, no rattling in there at all. (That is definitely something to be thankful of. A lung infection would be an entirely different beast for a post-trachee to deal with.)

The next step, then, was to have the gunk in Namine’s ear suctioned out. It took both Jessica and myself to hold Namine down, and she still gave us quite the run for our money. She is strong for such a tiny child. And I’m not just talking about determination; I mean physically, she can buck pretty good when she sets her will against you. After the suctioning was done, they put some anti-fungal powder in her ear. It will help combat the infection, but the downside is that she can’t get her ears wet. So Jessica and I will abstain from giving her a bath until Monday, when she’ll be seen again by ENT. They’ll determine from there how her ear looks.


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